Profit Margins

When running a business the daily tasks, ordering, calls, paper work, etc all comes down to one thing, your profits. Every successful business needs to make a profit or else they will fail because they need to pay their employees, taxes, products, or merchandise. Every business is different even if it is the same service in the same location, yes you may be competitors but the profits and expenses will be way different between the two.

A little background about myself. I come from a family of entrepreneurs, my mother ran her own clothing store while my father owned an electric company and an HVAC company both different business. I saw the way they worked and the daily tasks that were involved, they truly never had a day off work. But I will tell you what my parents were some of the hardest workers I know and that is why they get to enjoy retirement down South by the beach all year round. They showed me how to succeed in whatever it is I choose. Now I did not go and buy or run either of their businesses because well I did not want to get into those fields and also I wanted to create something myself.

I went to college and got a Bachelors in business administration and worked for a small web design company right out of school, and although this was fun and a great place to work I was ready for my own adventure. I then started a few small business some failed while others blew up in a short amount of time. We are going to fail or have bad days as a business owner, but how you bounce back will show how awesome and driven you are.

During this blog I am going to give some of my own advice and also interview other business owners on how they have succeed in their current field. I want to give you all some great tips and tricks along the way so please make sure to stay tuned and follow along with us as we get into some great material. I cannot wait to get this thing rolling and hope your as excited as I am.

Now enough blah blah blah comment and ask me anything you would like to know about business and being successful. Here is an awesome clip of Grant Cardone, I have been following and listening to this guy for years he is a pure genius and will help you on your journey take a look..