Interview Number One

So today we brought on board a long time friend of mine who is a successful businessman running and operating several different types of companies. He is going to answer a few questions I have for him. If you guys have any further questions shoots us an email and we will reach out to Chris and have him answer anything for you.

So Chris thanks for being with us today. How many different business do you operate?
C: I own 7 different types. A successful businessmen once told me in the start of my entrepreneur career that the average millionaire has 7 different types of incomes, so what do you think I shot for!

Great great I love that.
C: Yeah it has help me push through all the good and bads of running a business. Once we grew one and got it to where we wanted we built another company. We just kept investing into different businesses and hiring a staff and growing a new one.

What was your biggest hurdle?
C: Well my third or fourth company was a pressure washing company and we had to go through a lot of licensing and certifications to even get started. We had a staff and crew ready to be on the road working but we were not legally allowed to be for about 3 weeks. It sucked.

Yeah wow no kidding. Crazy you already had a team put together ready for action.
C: Well like I said we invested right back into something else. So we invested our profits from previous companies into that company and got the equipment we needed to help guys work efficient.

That is how we like to bear our profits!
C: Hey nothing has been easy, if it were everyone would be doing this and living in big homes. I have been around smart and amazing people along the way to help me with whatever questions I may had.

Do you have any partnerships?
C: O yeah I could not have done it without most of them. There are some partners making more money than me but in some cases but they invested more or willing to put more time into that one. But that is all good because if our company makes money than we all do!

Who would you suggest to read I love reading so what is a big author to read to help bring in that extra dough!!
C: Definitely Dave Ramsey. This dude can help you with any money questions, he helps people get out of debt with what is called the snowball effect. I mean you cant be a millionaire if you have all these debts and bills to be paid on a monthly basis. He is a great guide and many things to follow like books, radio shows, pod casts, and youtube!

Well hey thanks for being here I know you have some calls to take haha!
C: Thanks for having me!

We would like to thank Chris and his house washing Jacksonville company which he talked about in this interview. I have seen some of the buildings and properties he has done so you guys gotta give them a call if you live in the North Carolina area. They will have your home look like a brand new freaking home no kidding.

Thanks everyone as always make sure to follow our blog!