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So guys and gals. In my previous post I mentioned that starting a business is not always a terrible decision. Now when it comes to making profits in your business you need to be careful not to over pay yourself. Bummer right? Well what I mean by this is that you need to put that money back into your business so you can continue to grow, also and this is a big ALSO you need to put back from taxes. You know when you are working for someone else and you look at that paycheck and realize you lost a lot of money in taxes. Well when you make money on your own these taxes still apply to you. Of course there are some you may or may not have to pay but there will also be taxes you will need to pay since you are your own company. But I dont want to talk about all that

So what I am going to do is get a good buddy of mine to stop by and answer some questions. He has made lots of money and quite frankly I envy this dude. He is hard working and deserves to be where he is at today. I know you guys are interested so make sure you stay tuned and check back to our page for that post!

I know his knowledge will be good for many of you. Sometimes all it takes is that little kick in the butt to get things moving. I mean lets face it your life and your family depends on you. So time to stop searching the internet on how to make an easy dollar but rather lets get this started. Next thing your gonna know whatever path you choose your going to be making some profits and that is ultimately what it is all about!

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