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Now you may say so what do I do go to college and get a degree and advance through my career field? I would never disagree with that but as I mentioned earlier in a previous post which you can see here. I have worked for several companies which really led me no where and I knew I could not keep working there because I was in a dead end situation. dead end

So I then made the decision to run my own business. And let me first tell you this was a risk cause I have a mortgage to pay and bills to pay like everyone else. People told me I was crazy but this only drove me and motivated me to be successful. Looking back would I have done things differently yes of course but you know what that would have been. Starting my own business earlier!!

So here I am running several successful businesses and owning a few rental properties to help bring in a little bit of extra income from many different areas. This is how you build wealth people and help your family and children by getting yourself out of debt and building your assets and wealth.

For more information and details on getting out of debt even if you are a small business owner you need to check out Mr. Dave Ramsey  he has help changed the lives of many people and their families. When my wife and I started listening to him our lives changed that day.

Businesses are always working 24/7 even if you are not. You need to always be on top of your business and your employees. Do you need to work on your marketing and get more leads? Do you need a better web presence? After all we are in 2016 and everyone is always searching for a type of service on their phone or tablet. Maybe you need to sit down and do some paperwork like payroll or tax work. It’s hard and adventurous just keep your head on straight and do not lose your focus you business is going to succeed and your confidence will skyrocket!!


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