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I am sure if you are like me then one thing you love getting is a paycheck. But doesn’t it suck when that paycheck goes to someone else and all those bills. I mean how are we supposed to live our lives like this?money-sign

Sure we can all work for someone else forty hours a week and work whatever holidays or weekends they demand us to. Don’t get me wrong I have done just that for way to many companies for way to many years.

One day I took the plunge and decided to work for myself and I started a small lawn care business, okay okay yes I did get a little bit of help from my father but I did
all of the necessary legal work to start my own business. I gained several customers in my first year along some smaller landscaping jobs. Year two I had more customers along with commercial properties! I just kept growing which was great but this was a seasonal business, so I caught myself working again in the winter and Holiday months working for someone else.

I knew something needed to be done unless I could bust ass during the nice spring and winter months and make a lot of money to support us in winter. But that is a long stretch especially with our fun and outgoing lifestyle. When I mention our of course my wife and I. So I said to myself what can I do here.

Now this is when Mr. Grant Cardone came into my life and changed it completely. I fully suggest you check out his work from books, videos, shows, and events at his website Once I learned a few tips and tricks from him I was ready to make profits for my family and I.

Now this is where my story begins and I cannot wait to keep you guys posted as I continue with my career and businesses and their adventures!

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